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TrueEnergy Socks

TRUEENERGY Socks with Infrared ceramic crystals for improved performance!

TRUEENERGY is a line of truly functional socks powered by NASA-inspired infrared technology in the form of nanoparticles woven right into the yarn.  This converts body heat into infrared energy which leaves feet feeling amazing and energized, helping optimize performance, stamina, and recovery.  And let’s face it – feet are our foundation, and we only feel as good as they do!


Like many other athletic socks on the market, the TRUEENERGYsocks provide arch support and wick away moisture, but I think you’ll agree after you try them that they go way beyond to bring new functionality to the sock category.  The built-in infrared technology won’t wash out, and there are plenty of fashion-forward styles and colors for women and men.  And they won’t break the bank at about $20 for a three-pack.

I got my TRUEENERGY Socks about a month ago and have played a couple of rounds with them. How they work is simple. Your body emits heat naturally. The True Energy infrared fiber absorbs your body’s heat creating infrared energy which is then absorbed back into the body primarily around the ankles which improves circulation, reducing pain and muscle stiffness, keeping your feet cool and dry. Considering I live in Florida and anything that can help keep my feet cooler and dry while reducing the stiffness in my 75-year-old legs improves my overall state-of-mind while on the golf course or working in my garden. They certainly helped in my circulation and reducing lactic acid.  And the price is right.

Check out them for yourself. They come in multiple colors and cuts from hidden to over-the-calf. Whatever your preference, they have a TRUEENERGY Sock for you. Please visit to order or find out where you can acquire them.

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