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SQAIRZ are All-Around Sharp Shoes

Finally, a Shoe That Helps You Play Better Golf, Just ask NICK FALDO

For too long golfers have been led to believe that there were only two options in their choice of shoes- style and comfort. Golf shoes should really be more than mere style and comfort accessories. Instead, they should be an integral piece of equipment that helps golfers play a better game. After all with their constant connection to the ground, the shoes should be as important to performance as the clubs you swing or the balls you hit.

SQAIRZ is a golf shoe, not a sneaker with nubs. It is equipment for your feet. It all started with the patented SQAIRZ toe that allows a golfer to set up properly on every shot. At first look, SQAIRZ’s difference is readily apparent. The front of the shoe is straight so when I viewed them at address, the shoes help to align parallel to the intended line of the shot. Research has shown that 95% of all swing flaws are because of set up.

There is 2mm more room in the forefoot area of the shoe which provides a full range of motion in your feet and does not squeeze the toes, a serendipitous development that led to a more stable platform with the custom placement of cleats and nubs under specific pressure points created during the golf swing. They also integrated a heel stabilizer system that assists with rotational torque. They are waterproof with a 2-year warranty. Even the new Sta-Put Laces are advanced with nubs every 2 cm to ensure the shoe strings remain in place for the entire round. My Black/Gray Arrow SQAIRZ were sharp looking and all around my feet comfortable.

SQAIRZ is the brainchild of founder Robert Winskowicz, who at one time was the Senior VP of Sales & Marketing for the Arnold Palmer Company. “Mr. Palmer was all about helping the average golfer,” says Winskowicz. “Before we advanced with any product, Arnie would always ask ‘how does that help the golfer?’ ” I know he would give a thumbs up to SQAIRZ which was just voted one of the Best Golf Shoes by Golf Digest for 2020. Recently, Nick Faldo has come on board as a partner and spokesperson.

Winskowicz has surrounded himself with some serious talent. Two very accomplished designers, Jonathan Morris and Joe Napurano round out the team headed by Director of Footwear Design, Jonathan Bacon, who spent 12 years at Footjoy and 10 at Puma, Reebok and New Balance before that. On the administrative side, Robert has added Jim Remy, a Past-President of the PGA of America, well respected Tournament Director and my friend, Eddie Carbone, and Golf Channel executive David Curran.

The product selection includes hats, an umbrella, Sta-Put shoelaces, carry bags and socks. There are 4 men and 2 ladies’ styles of shoes to choose from at MSRP of $199.97. Get SQAIRZED AWAY with free shipping in the USA and a 30-day money-back guarantee at SQAIRZ.com or call 888-793-7779.



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