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Footjoy’s New Pro/SL Boa is A Step Ahead of the Rest

Footjoy, the #1 shoe in golf, has a long history of developing comfortable performance golf shoes featuring the latest materials and technology. At the recent PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, I had the opportunity to check out the entire offering from Footjoy. Most golfers are aware of Footjoy’s status, but many might not know their most popular shoe, the Pro SL, would be a top-three company all by itself.

With one style that successful, Footjoy had to very careful about making any changes. Professional and amateur golfers alike told them how well they liked wearing and playing in the shoes. The 2020 model of the Pro SL is a complete aesthetic upgrade over the previous version. From my perspective, the shoe has a very clean look to it. Everything to the midfoot forward is solid ChromoSkin leather. The back part of the shoe has a variety of materials, textures, and colors and is a bit busier, but the branding is clean and minimal, and the accent colors are done tastefully.

Right out of the box, the Footjoy Pro SL Boa feels comfortable and ready to play golf. One thing I found unusual about the feel; they are perfectly snug and more comfortable with the boa drawn taut with the cushioning enveloping my feet. With the Boa System, you always get the perfect feel in the shoe. The leather gives good structure and firmness but not stiff. Also, the sole feels flexible when walking but still gives support and form.

The Pro SL Boa is a step ahead of the rest for spikeless shoe traction. The shoe provides superior feel with Fine Tuned Foam(FTF) for supple cushioning and a perimeter weighted outsole design for superior stability. The cushioned insole wasn’t bouncy and felt like it was returning energy with every step. Footjoy states that the new Infinity Outsole has a heel that is 11.5% wider and creates 17% more surface area which is used to incorporate 189 points of traction, a 30% boost from the previous Pro SL.

Does anyone want to buy my selection of other golf shoes? I am in love with the feel, balance and comfort of my new Footjoy Pro SL Boa golf shoes. The Boa style is available in white/grey only. Get dialed in at your local pro shop, or go to



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