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New Collection of Mens Golf Apparel – PSYCHO BUNNY

We’ve all heard of the Easter Bunny, Bugs Bunny and the Eveready Bunny. No other Leporidae has taken center stage since Roger Rabbit, the psychotic film hero in the 1980s. But hold the presses. There is a new bunny in town. Made for mischief and champions, Psycho Bunny is sure to get you noticed whether hitting it 300 yards or going hippity-hoppity down the fairway. This is not your grandpa’s style-you can make it your own.

Begun in 2005, Psycho Bunny apparel has been a unique brand to say the least. Robert Godley, the founding partner always sails against the sea of ordinary, but never compromises on quality and creativity. Having expanded into the golf apparel side, Psycho Bunny recently released its latest-Spring Collection- introducing all new technical qualities to its stunning line of polos. Exploring new exciting ways to enhance the collection, Psycho Bunny has integrated two key components-sweat-wicking properties and antimicrobial materials into the new curated selections.

I recently had the opportunity to show off my flashy new Psycho Bunny threads at Stonegate Golf Club at a couples outing. If anyone was half asleep they were awakened by my new stunning hot pink polo. Most of the comments came from the ladies in the field and all loved the color on my bronzed extra large physique. But the person I really wanted to hear from was me. Besides looking good while celebrating “Spring in Florida,” the new Psycho Bunny shirt felt fantastic and kept its shape during the match. At lunch, I looked and felt like I was about to play rather like I had just trekked around the course searching for the hidden eggs, actually balls, that had found their way to the tall grass or waterways on the gorgeous Oaks golf course. Even after a wash and dry cycle at home, the shirt looked fantastic and my wife said she really liked the way it came out. You have got to try these new threads. For anyone living in South Florida, they have a store at the Aventura Mall. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, check out the complete line at

Mexican PGA TOUR Professional Abraham Ancer was so enamored with the brand he approached Psycho Bunny with the idea of partnering and now proudly dons the brand on and off the course during his upcoming competition schedule. Having won the Australian Open in 2018, Abraham has quickly risen in the ranks of up-and-coming players.



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