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Mizuno Unveils New JPX921 Iron Series

Atlanta, Ga.–Mizuno, founded in Japan, has long held an enviable industry and tour-wide reputation for crafting the very finest irons in the game, offering golfers the ultimate blend of looks, feel and workability. The JPX Series led a resurgence for Mizuno, staring with the JPX900 Tour and more recently the JPX919 Tour, residing in the bag of the back to back 2017/2018 US Open and 2018/2019 PGA Champion. That’s right- Brooks Koepka!

Now Mizuno has unveiled the next evolution of JPX-the JPX921 Series, a highly engineered family of irons that have been developed alongside Mizuno’s custom fitting program to deliver exceptional performance and help all golfers get the most from their game. The family comprises JPX921 Forged, integrating the power of Chromoly into a full-body forged iron for the very first time; JPX921 Tour, JPX921 Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro, with each model, specifically engineered to help enhance the performance for particular swing types. The Forged offers the fastest ball speeds Mizuno has ever produced from a fully forged iron. The Tour blends precision with enhanced stability from off-center strikes. The Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro represent the 3rd generation of irons to be crafted from high-strength Chromoly 4140M. Despite design differences, all members of the JPX921 family of irons are unmistakably Mizuno in profile and sensation through impact.

“Applying the potential of Chromoly means that the JPX921 irons hold their own in any simulator test-without having to crank #7 iron lofts at all cost. Look, feel, launch, spin and landing angles have to be correct through the set which ultimately sets Mizuno irons apart,” says David Lewellyn, Director of Research & Development for Mizuno. Mizuno has strived to create the best products for consumers for 114 years, and the entire JPX921 iron family adheres firmly to that original spirit and desire while offering the best performance benefits that modern technology can bring.

I have been playing Mizuno clubs for over 10 years, and have had the opportunity to compare numerous national brands versus my Mizunos.  Nothing feels like a Mizuno!



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