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New Tour Tee Promises Some Extra Yardage

Less Friction = More Distance

Can the peg you set your golf ball on for your tee shot really make a difference to the distance the shot travels? It in fact can. Everyone who plays golf has seen ads for various tees that supposedly let you propel your tee shot on every hole a bit farther. Now, the Tour Tee has real validation to its claim.

It has been tested with the Trackman to actually prove it’s the real deal. It is not just something that’s made up. It has been proven you can actually get 12 extra yards through human testing as opposed to machine-tested swings. The reason it works because the ball sits up higher outside of the cup on nodes which allows for less friction equaling more distance.

The big difference with this tee is its core-injected rubber on top, not just the plastic. The other feature is the small nodes on top that actually hold the golf ball up out of the cup so you’re not getting as much drag on the ball coming off the cup which is part of the reason why you can add yards to the shot.

The idea for the rubber-topped tee came from Australia with the thought that besides not holding a ball back as much as a regular tee when first struck, this new concept also keeps the club from getting marked up. It is made a soft rubber which is not going to put those unsightly marks on your driver that you have to scrub off.

The Tour Tee has a barbed point on it to keep it from flying out of the ground as often. The pointed tip also works as a groove cleaner and ball mark repair tool on the greens.

With weekend warriors always looking to hopefully buy a new game rather than actually practicing( working on their game), the claim on Tour Tee that it can add “12+Yards To Your Game!” may, in fact, be worth investigating for those golfers.

One claim that came into question on the Tour Tee is that it is “virtually unbreakable.” It is not unbreakable. I can attest to that. Even with my old age swing speed, I did break one. It really depends on how you hit the ball and how cleanly you hit it.

The suggested retail is $8.97 for three large(3.25″) and two small(1.7″), and if they work for you maybe ‘you can buy a game.’

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