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Clarity.Golf’s Project Orpheus to Expand the World of Indoor Golf

Indoor golf industry veteran Bill Bales sees ongoing explosive growth in off-course, “derivative golf”.

Holland, Ohio – Clarity.Golf founder and president Bill Bales has been on a deep dive into the indoor golf industry and other golf derivatives. He wants to be a part of the industry’s explosive surge. Bales’ thinks his latest concept, codenamed “Project Orpheus”, could be the ticket.

For over twenty years Bales has been tracking what the National Golf Foundation now calls “off-course” golf, which it recently measured as having twenty-four million participants in the U.S., including twelve million off-course only participants. Bales considers this “derivative golf”.

“TopGolf is a derivative form of the traditional game. Indoor simulators offer a different and powerful derivative. Traditional driving ranges are adding fun game and data oriented technology to their bays. Miniature golf, food and beverage are moving indoors with Puttery. None of these derivatives have to be exactly, or in some cases even close to traditional golf. But they are valid golf derivatives, nonetheless.”

Clarity will introduce “Orpheus”, Bales’ latest entry into the world of derivative golf, at the upcoming PGA Merchandise Show. “Orpheus is dedicated to all those golfers out there who want an indoor golf simulator but for one reason or another perceive they can’t have an indoor golf simulator,” Bales said.

Bales explained that the Orpheus concept is designed to combat space limitations. But it also includes a focus on family, and on diverse activities such as watching sports and movies, playing video games, riding an exercise bike or treadmill, or playing sports in addition to golf. “If you didn’t have space for a golf sim before, Orpheus can resolve this. But if the family couldn’t justify dedicated golf-only room, Orpheus can resolve this as well.”



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