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OnCore Golf’s New Tour Ball, VERO X1 Launches

Buffalo, New York- OnCore Golf unveiled their second Tour ball after three years of research and development. OnCore’s first four-piece ball, the VERO X1 upholds OnCore’s commitment to innovation and technology while diversifying the company’s portfolio of balls to meet the needs of all golfer performance levels.

Building off of their award-winning three-piece tour ball the ELIXIR, OnVore undertook an effort to further increase spin off the irons and distance off the tee while maintaining the highly desirable feel and control offered by the ELIXIR. The VERO X1 features a thinner cast urethane cover, a nano-thick transition layer between cover and mantle, a high modulus, perimeter-weighted mantle, and an oversized core. These elements are combined to release a turbocharged performance delivering enhanced speed and distance, noticeably higher stability in flight and more control and responsiveness to irons and wedges for high skill shots.

“Our primary objective in developing the VERO X1 was to create a product that the best golfers in the world would objectively consider best-in-class. We even selected the name to communicate clearly that this is not a story of marketing-it is a story of performance. Vero is Italian for “true, real, or genuine” and that is what this ball is all about-TRUE PERFORMANCE,” commented Keith Blakely, OnCore’s CEO.

John Calabria, OnCore’s Senior Technical Advisor who led the VERO X1 development effort added, “I’ve been involved with the development of some of the top-performing balls in the industry for the past thirty years and could not be more excited about what we’ve accomplished with the

VERO X1. The robotic date speaks for itself but the true test of any ball is how golfers respond to it. The feedback from players who know their game and are able to be discerning in their assessment of a new product has been unanimously positive in their reviews. Distance, control, accuracy, and feel-everything these golfers look for- are all showing up as pluses for the VERO X1 against their control tour balls.”

Pros and low-handicap amateur golfers alike are experiencing first hand on how well this 85 compression and 318-dimple patterned tour ball is performing. Golf Labs testing over a range of club head speeds has confirmed that the VERO X1 tour ball is competitively longer than other brands on the market across the driver, 7-iron, and wedge along with desired spin rates for each.



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