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ZOOM Focus X Rangefinder is my new Best Friend

The latest rangefinder model to hit the U.S. market, the ZOOM Focus X has swept the board in European media awards over the past year with its combination of premium features, high-quality build, and surprisingly affordable price.

Based around high-class optics, the Focus X has six times magnification, 550 yards of range, and a continuous flagpole scanning mode that makes picking up your target quick and simple. When the target is found the flagpole lock icon appears and the unit’s vibration mode kicks in to confirm acquisition. Distances  can be displayed in yards or meters are accurate to +/- 0.5 m and are shown in a clear, easy-to-read format making the Focus X incredibly effortless to use. In addition, the eyepiece of the unit is adjustable, bringing the view into focus for a wide range of eyesight, a feature I really need.

The Focus X  has an additional feature – a Slope adjusted option with a separate button near the red power button, that measures distances adjusted to compensate for the different elevations you might encounter. So whether you are on an uphill grade or a downhill lie, merely press the slope button and the Focus X will deliver the actual distance to the target plus the distance you should be hitting for an accurate shot. It can be turned off if you are playing in a tournament.

Here’s the real kicker. The ZOOM Focus X has a rechargeable lithium battery with an automatic cut-off after 8 seconds of non-use. The battery will probably last for 40+ rounds of golf and the viewfinder has a low battery indicator, to make you aware it is time for a recharge. It powers up with a micro USB port near the eyepiece.

I have been using my new Focus X and it is lightweight and smaller than many of the other brands of rangefinders, which makes it easy to handle and focus. The first couple of times I compared yardages with one of my playing partners who was using a Bushnell. Both the Zoom and Bushnell gave us the same readings. My Zoom is white but also comes in a charcoal color. The hardy carrying case protects the ZOOM very well when not in use.

Are you ready for this? It retails for $229 and is available at golf retailers nationwide. So if you need a new best friend to help you with your game, why not give the ZOOM Focus X a try.

Please go to ZOOMgolf.net for more information or search Instagram or Facebook for ZOOM products.



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