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Shot Scope Debuts PRO LX+ Rangefinder

Golf’s First Laser Rangefinder to Feature GPS-Powered Distances and Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Performance Tracking

Edinburgh, Scotland – Shot Scope, a leading international manufacturer of GPS-based distance tracking and game performance systems, has redefined the rangefinder category in golf by introducing the PRO LX+, the game’s first laser rangefinder to feature GPS-powered distances and Artificial Intelligence for personalized performance tracking. The PRO LX+ was unveiled at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando.

A first-of-its-kind rangefinder, the PRO LX+ system includes three innovative devices which are sold as one unit, the PRO LX+, featuring GPS-powered distances and performance tracking, or individually as the PRO LX Rangefinder and H4 Game Tracker. Today, with research showing that modern golfers rely on multiple GPS devices, players of all levels now have one device – PRO LX+ – that provides all of the on-course technology they need in one system.

“Shot Scope is thrilled to unveil this game-changing device to the golf industry, as we introduce GPS distance and performance tracking technology to laser rangefinder users for the first time ever,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope. “Our V3 Smart Watch was a tremendous success when launched in 2020, and now we are bringing that same artificial intelligence to rangefinders and giving golfers a multi-product system that is offered at a price point for every budget.

Hunter adds, “For rangefinder users, Shot Scope now offers real-time game tracking data like never before, which is currently used by tens of thousands of golfers worldwide recording over 160 million shots. In fact, our data shows that amateur golfers improve by four strokes thanks to the unique fusion of accurate distance information and automatic performance tracking technology from Shot Scope devices.”

Shot Scope PRO LX+

Highlighting the new Shot Scope rangefinder system is the PRO LX+, the only rangefinder to offer 3 products in one – a rangefinder, GPS-powered distances and performance tracking. The PRO LX+ features a wealth of golfer-friendly benefits including, advanced target lock vibration, red and black dual optics, X7 navigation, adaptive slope technology, 900-yard range which is accurate to 1 yard, a precision clear lens and a comfort stability grip. Additionally, the PRO LX+ offers 36,000 pre-loaded courses, dynamic front, back and middle GPS distances with front and carry distances to every hazard, all distances are available in yards or meters. Available at $349.99 SRP with no subscription fees and free updates.

The PRO LX+, which is available in blue, gray and orange colors, also features Shot Scope’s artificial intelligence for performance tracking via the H4 Game Tracker which magnetically attaches to the rangefinder. Backed by 16 RFID tracking tags that capture over 100 game statistics during a round of golf, the performance tracking capability works in the background and continuously scans the golfer’s swing settings. This creates an ever-increasing volume and accuracy of data collected from the golfer during play, leading to more insights and statistics that help the player understand their game better, improve on-course strategy and shoot lower scores. The water-resistant PRO LX+, which is USGA conforming, also comes with a premium carry case, lanyard, carry clip, cleaning cloth and 1 x CR123 battery.

Shot Scope PRO LX

For golfers looking for a high-performance laser rangefinder without the performance tracking technology, the PRO LX boasts all of the features listed above less the H4 Game Tracker. The PRO LX, which is available in blue, gray and orange colors, has a highly competitive suggested retail price of $249.99, with no subscription fees.

Shot Scope H4 Game Tracker

Rounding out the rangefinder system is the handheld H4 Game Tracker device, offered at an SRP of $149.99 with no subscription fees and free updates. The H4 Game Tracker offers both GPS distances and performance tracking and easily attaches via a metal belt and carry clip. The H4 offers all of the high-performance GPS technology features of the PRO LX+ listed above, combined with the unmatched Shot Scope performance tracking capabilities, backed by the 16 RFID tracking tags that capture over 100 game statistics during a round of golf.

Performance Tracking and Statistics (available with PRO LX+ and H4 products)

Shot Scope’s 16 lightweight plug-n-play club RFID tags that are embedded with smart GPS chips that easily screw into the butt-end of every club. The tags communicate with the PRO LX+ and H4 Game Tracker to identify what club was hit and its location on the course. Unlike other golf performance trackers, Shot Scope technology delivers instant syncing while enabling club recognition with no pairing or phone required. Utilizing this shot tracking technology, golfers can sync their device with Bluetooth and download the free app for mobile use on iOS and Android. An interactive dashboard, which provides an aerial view of the course for a bird’s-eye view, enables the golfer to capture and analyze over 100 tour level statistics on club distances and tee shots for measurable game improvement, while Shot Scope’s PinCollect™ technology records putt and pin location, capturing and analyzing approaches, short game and putting statistics. The suite of performance tracking features available through the PRO LX+ and H4 Game Tracker devices include:

  • Tour-Level Statistics: dive into 100s of statistics and insights about your game such as average club distances, best short game club, number of birdies and bogeys per round and much more.
  • Strokes Gained: for a more in-depth analysis, compare against handicap benchmarks to discover how you perform in each area of the game compared to other amateur golfers. Comparisons can also be made against Tour players.
  • Interactive features: compete against Shot Scope users all around the world with Leaderboards and Medals. Custom Leaderboards can be made to compete against friends. Earn medals for achievements on the course.
  • Course Hub: virtually ‘join’ any course in the world and view all rounds played with Shot Scope. This can be used to help plan a strategy for a new course you are yet to play.
  • Scial Share: Bird’s eye hole overviews provide a great way to quickly and easily share highlights of your round. Alternatively, you can upload a picture to share with your round details and score.
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