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PerfectMotion Unveils New In-App Features to its Award-Winning Game Improvement Platform

BOSTON, MASS. – PerfectMotion, the industry-leading AI-powered mobile app platform that helps golfers to groove repeatable, efficient body motion with every club by providing instant feedback and expert instruction on every swing, today announced three new exciting product features. PerfectMotion® users can now use Putting PPI (PerfectMotion® Performance Index), Groove and Matching to help them train like elite players and elevate their games to higher levels.

Putting PPI now gives an instantaneous measure of the stability of your putting stroke from 0 to 100. “While this feature has previously existed within the PerfectMotion® app, the new way it’s calculated provides an immediate stability measure,” says PerfectMotion® CEO and founder Rich Kosowsky. “Unlike the swing PPI, your putting PPI is not influenced by the skill level setting of the putt session.”

Groove is a new performance metric indicating the similarity of the swings within each session. “The goal of the app has always been to help any golfer groove repeatable, efficient body motion with every club,” says Kosowsky. “And now we have two measures that help golfers track their progress and motivate their efforts. PPI quantifies the efficiency of your swing motion from 0 to 100 and Groove indicates how grooved you are within a session. Our data shows that when people first start using the app, they tend to have a high Groove score but a low PPI because they have a repeatable, but inefficient swing. Using the app, they increase their PPI and they eventually get grooved with that better, more consistent swing.

Finally, PerfectMotion’s new Matching feature allows users to save any swing with a desirable result as a model to match in future training sessions. Designed with more accomplished players in mind and inspired by professionals’ who “bank” swings for future reference when they’re performing well, Matching helps golfers to achieve their own personal best. Utilizing a proprietary instant match score from 0 to 100 percent on every swing, this feedback-driven method is highly personalized and engaging.

“Matching helps you master shots and achieve your own personal best,” says Kosowsky. “If you like the result from a swing — whether it be the ball flight, contact, distance or something else — simply nod your head to mark it and later save it by tapping the star icon on the MotionMap®. To Match, select that swing and start a training session. The feedback does the rest.”

PerfectMotion is a complete system that benefits all golfers, from beginners to elites and tour players. For the higher handicap, it’s about starting to develop the right mechanics and being able to repeat them. For the middle handicap, it’s about trying to improve consistency and add distance. And for the elites and pros, it’s about fine-tuning and working on shots.

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