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ALL 19 HOLES Launch a Comfortable, High Performance, Bamboo Sock

ALL 19 HOLES, a golf and lifestyle apparel brand that celebrates the tradition of golf’s most entertaining hole, the 19th, announced that the company is releasing the “Sock of Champions,” a new sock that combines the unrivaled characteristics of bamboo with fun, fresh and bold graphics.

The “Sock of Champions” provides a soft and luxurious experience. The bamboo fiber itself is super soft and feels comfortable against the skin.
Early Beta Tests revealed that people thought the “Sock of Champions” was made of high-quality silk or cashmere and were surprised to see how well the socks performed.

Bamboo has a natural ability to wick moisture away from the skin to keep feet dry which reduces the chance of blisters, a really important factor when walking a golf course. In the cold, bamboo warms the skin and in the heat cools down the skin. This temperature control is remarkable in all weather conditions. Another feature is that bacteria can not live or grow in the bamboo fiber which makes them naturally antibacterial and odor resistant, and bamboo is incredibly gentle on sensitive skin. On almost every level, bamboo outperforms traditional cotton or wool.

“The ‘Sock of Champions’ is a specialty sock that looks like a trouser sock but performs like an athletic sock. On the golf course, they keep me comfortable and dry. In the boardroom or the 19th hole, they add color and style to my outfit. The design and graphics always get attention.” says
Founder and President of ALL 19 HOLES, Tim Ready.

ALL 19 HOLES is owned and managed by golf enthusiasts who embrace the sport of golf but also focus and embrace the enjoyment that circles the game on and off the course-most often in the clubhouse, coined as the 19th hole.

Collectively, they are about going the extra distance to live life to the fullest. Their team plays golf, compete and after their round, they collect their winnings, pay their bets, and have a good time on the patio at the club. They sometimes enjoy a beverage, occasionally a cigar, and tell stories to pass time with friends and family. They welcome individuality yet work together to make life better.

Though the spirited team has built a company on the merriment of the game of golf, they honor and respect the environment as most golfers should. Sustainable and eco-friendly apparel and accessories will always be at the forefront of their products in development. Whether it’s in business or pleasure, they live by the rules of golf and try to make the world a better place. They compete in a friendly way and always play the extra hole-ALL 19 HOLES. For more information visit



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