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Troon Partners with G2 Girls Golf Academy

Troon, the leader in club management, development and marketing, is pleased to announce a partnership with G2 Girls Golf Academy, a unique golf training system developed specifically for female junior golfers. G2 will deliver the 15-week, girls only training model at select Troon-managed facilities across the country, including the first at Tiburon Golf Club at The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, the site of the LPGA’s season-ending “Race to CME Globe” tournament, in Naples, Florida beginning in Januar 2021.

Based in Bluffton, South Carolina, G2 has trained female junior golfers of all skill levels using scientific-based instruction designed to remove barriers of traditional instruction in a collaborative environment and to encourage girls to reach their full potential in golf and life. G2 students receive world-class instruction in golf, mental training, physical fitness, nutrition, leadership and college placement.

Training includes benchmarking and development in “Five Levels of Competency” lead by a certified teaching professional. Students advance through each level by completing tasks and skill-level evaluations-all tracked and charted in a student-specific mobile application.

“We are excited to partner with Troon and expand our G2 training programs at Troon-managed facilities across the country,” said Ray Travaglione, Founder & CEO. “The best opportunity for female athletes to gain college scholarships is through golf. The G2 program provides a roadmap for getting recruited to play college golf, including a comprehensive developmental plan and opportunities to build golf resumes.”

The G2 Academy is open to female junior golfers ages 11-18, from every level to advanced player. G2’s girls-only program is based on science and backed by research which provides an atmosphere for learning that is focused and minimizes distractions so expectations become achievable while having fun and learning to play golf.

“Growing the game and providing opportunities to advance in the sport are key tenets at Troon,” said Bruce Glasco, CEO Troon.

“The G2 Golf Academy model is one that provides female junior golfers a chance to not only advance in the game, but also grow their self-confidence.”



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