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Golf Carts on Fire at Sanibel Island’s Dunes Golf Club

Golf Carts on Fire at Sanibel Island’s Dunes Golf Club

Sanibel Island, Florida–If the destruction of Hurricane Ian wasn’t enough to nearly destroy much of Sanibel Island, like rubbing salt in a wound, now the lithium battery-powered golf carts at the Dunes Golf & Tennis Club have caught fire due to the saltwater intrusion that came with the onslaught of the Gulf of Mexico waters coming ashore.

Thick black smoke could be seen billowing up on Sanibel from the mainland on Sunday, October 16th. The Sanibel Fire & Rescue was called to contain the fire which fortunately was in a parking lot and not near any structures or homes. Approximately 15 carts were destroyed. Dunes staffers were still coming to the island by boat to clear debris from the course and assess damages to the property. Mike Dopslaff, the PGA Professional at the Dunes said, “we have been two and a half weeks without electricity after the hurricane, so there was no attempt to try and charge the carts. The saltwater must have caused the lithium batteries to ignite. That is the only possible reason for the fire.

Like much of Sanibel, The Dunes sustained considerable damage that will keep it closed for a long while. The good news is that the bridge and causeway that was destroyed and was the only access by land, has been temporarily opened so now services, residents and business owners can get to work on cleaning up.

If you are capable, please contribute to a charity that can help those who have been affected by the hurricane, and pray for their recovery.



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