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After 40 years, Bernard Langer Changes Shoes

Bernard Langer, the two-time Masters Champion and PGA Champions Tour lifetime leading money winner, has removed his Adidas and stepped into the new Athalonz EnVe golf shoe. Bernard was born in Germany where Adidas is headquartered, and was a faithful Adidas golfer for 40 years before turning heads with the change. If you look into Langer’s golf bag, you know he is persnickety about his choices, with an eclectic mix of 5 brands of clubs that some would call outdated. Don’t tell Bernard that.

“Once again the performance gains that the Athalonz patented technology provides has been validated not only in the lab, but by a true champion,” said Tim Markison, Athalonz CEO.

The patented technology in Athalonz shoes shifts the way your body interacts with the ground to give you more power so you can hit the ball further and more stability so you can hit more fairways. The shoes have a force transfer, via physics principles, that can be manipulated to improve power. The shoes are uniquely designed to include the right angles in the right places to shift force towards your body to increase power by at least 9%. Talk about a ‘Big Bang Theory.’

The technology starts at the insoles with an optimal athletic position which supports front foot movement and provides enhanced leg drive and sway correction by removing pronation of the foot. The insole provides a perfect fit for your foot for optimum feel. The outer sole has a spiral grip position that holds your foot still on the backswing, but allows you to release weight distribution on the follow-through when finishing the swing which spiked shoes and other soft spike shoes do not.

Three World’s Long Drive Competitors have tested the Athalonz EnVe and all said it is definitely an improvement to their driving prowess. Mitch McDowell, Ryan Steenberg and Justin James are thoroughly convinced the Athalonz shoes can make a difference in everyone’s game.

Athalonz shoes are carefully engineered from top to bottom. They are experts in creating a stable and more powerful base(it’s kind of their thing) and they crammed all of that knowledge into the EnVe-the “Best Performing Golf Shoe Available.” Check them out at Athalonz.com



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